Use your car to
boost your cashflow

Pawning a car has never been worth the risk. But selling it?
Sometimes you simply can’t-or don’t want to-let go of your wheels.
Our unique offering lets you do just that, quickly and proffessionally.

A shepherd amongst the wolves

The traditional methods for quick access to cash  have failed consumers. Most are only
available to a selected few-and even then, they’re more expensive, stressful and dodgy
than they’re worth.

We found the solution.

We arrange for the sale of your vehicle at a fair market rate. Our leasing structure then
lets you rent that or another vehicle for a nominal amount to continue driving. Plus you
can purchase the vehicle back for the same amount when you’re ready.

Fast, secure and convenient, DriveAwaySA has provided our short-term cashflow solution
to thousands of private customers and business clients in South Africa since 2019.
Safe, fast & discreet access to funds you need
DriveAwaySA’s solution is not a loan or
credit product and this means:

Fast turnaround:

Once your application is done,
you’ll receive your offer within 1-2
hours and the transaction can be
completed within 24-48 hours.


With so many hurdles in the way of
gaining legitimate and reliable
access to funds, our offering ensures
more access to more people.

Full transparency:

We provide full documentation
and contracts ensuring you
have the paperwork to set your
mind at ease.
Perfect for all
walks of life
No matter your situation, there’s no doubt a fast and
discrete solution will be the helping hand you need.

Chasing too many invoices?

Have an extra business vehicle?

Need to fund something fast?

Have bills you can’t avoid anymore?

Does my vehicle meet the criteria?

Must be less than
10 years old

Must have less than
200 000km on the odometer

Must be paid off
and in your name

Must be road worthy

Trade-in price must
be at least R100 000

You must be in the
Gauteng, the Western
Cape or KZN

License must be
up to date

Let's make it happen

If DriveAwaySA sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for all
along, we can’t wait to help you out. Simply hit the Get Your Offer
button to start the process and we’ll get you sorted in no time