Do you need cash quickly?

Debt got you stressed out?

We have a Simple Solution for you.

There is a simple and smart way to smooth life's bumps in the road.

Find out how to use your paid off vehicle to access cash quickly, discreetly AND keep driving your car.

Do you need cash quickly?

Debt got you stressed out?

We have a Simple Solution for you.

We Can Help

Looking after one's family is a perhaps our greatest joy and responsibility. This can become a real challenge when the bills start to pile up.  We would love to help ease your burden by unlocking the value you have stored inside of your paid off vehicle. Quick, simple and discreet.

Access the value, keep driving your vehicle. Let us show you how.

"Everyone deserves a helping hand sometimes."

Times are tough in SA at the moment.
Sometimes you just need a little friendly help to get over a cash flow bump.

This is how it works...

  • If you need R40,000 or more and need it fast, we can help.
  • Sadly we can only offer this help in Cape Town currently.
  • If you own your car outright, DriveAwaySA will buy your car from you and deposit cash into your account in 24 – 48 hrs.
  • Even though we will be the owner of your car you get to keep driving your car everyday as normal.
  • As we are the new owners of the car we will charge you a very reasonable monthly rental fee. Full disclosure – this is how we make our money.
  • Once you are back on your feet you can buy your car back from us.
  • This is NOT “a pawn my car and still drive it Cape Town scam”.


Don’t fall victim to any “Pawn my car and still drive it Cape Town” scams.

These unscrupulous companies target individuals who are in need of instant cash loans. They focus on people who are unable to access other cash any other way due to being black listed or having a poor credit score. Using their victim’s vehicle as collateral, they will do cash loans with no credit check, for an amount that is a fraction of the actual value of the vehicle. They make their money by charging exorbitant interest rates and fees. They know full well that their victim is unlikely to be able to afford the repayment costs. When they default they take the person’s car and keep chasing them for the outstanding fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a loan against my car?

What are the requirements to be eligible to use this service?

What price will I get for my car?

What will the monthly rental amount be?

Are their any hidden costs I should know about?

How long can I keep my car for?

If I want to buy my vehicle back, what can I expect to pay for the vehicle?

How quickly can I get cash for the car?

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