A New Approach To Extra Income

The Problem

Times are tough globally, and here in SA, things are no different. With the cost of living skyrocketing and digital transformation bringing all sorts of upheaval to work, life and everything in between, everyday South Africans are seeking new ways to boost their income or finance their next big idea.

But not all methods are equal. 

Digital Side Hustles

An online side-hustle sounds like a great idea. With access to information, global distribution networks and social influencers proclaiming drop-shipping, podcasting, AI, NFTs and YouTube as the best thing for additional income since sliced bread, it would seem like the world is our oyster. 

The fact of the matter however, is that most digital side-hustles require more than just a side of your time to truly get off the ground. More often than not, it takes years of wholehearted dedication and laser focus to develop something that brings in a meaningful revenue stream.

What Else Is Out There?

Bank Loans

Sure, a bank loan can certainly work…if your finances are in good enough standing. If not, well unfortunately you’re out of luck. 



If you’re a homeowner, refinancing is always an option on the table for access to additional equity. But be warned, if you don’t play your cards right you could end up paying more to the bank than your original loan.


Downscaling your lifestyle

Selling up and moving to less expensive regions, smaller homes or closer to work is another tactic many are taking up. This can work, but of all the options has the greatest impact on one’s lifestyle.


Of course there are many more options out there, from dodgy loans and second jobs to selling all of your worldly possessions. There are many promises out there and being critical is incredibly important if you don’t want to fall victim to unscrupulous lenders and get-rich-quick schemes.

We Have The Solution

With all of the above in mind, selling a vehicle may not seem like the most logical decision. But that’s precisely DriveAwaySA’s reason for being:

To give you the cashflow boost you need, without significantly impacting your life.

You see, DriveAwaySA facilitates the sale of your vehicle while providing you with the option to continue driving it as usual. It’s a win-win. You unlock the value embedded in an asset you already own, plus you can maintain the use of it ensuring that the impact on your lifestyle is kept to a bare minimum. 

Whether it’s your personal vehicle or a business vehicle, why let banks and side-hustles run your life when the answer is already parked in your driveway or garage?

Safe, Secure & Discrete

We pride ourselves on the trust, security, transparency and discretion that we bring to every deal. If you’re looking for a cashflow boost, we’re only a call, form or WhatsApp away.

Choose DriveAwaySA

and Keep On Driving

If you live in or around Cape Town, Durban or Gauteng and need R40,000 or more quickly and reliably, then consider DriveAwaySA’s innovative solution.

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