Leverage The Overlooked Value Already In Your Business

In periods of uncertainty and economic hardship, finding new avenues for revenue growth is most certainly a common instinct. But for many businesses, there is in fact a far simpler way to ease the impact of tough times.

South Africa is currently facing unprecedented pessimism, and for good reason. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that we know this hasn’t come out of the blue. Even more unfortunate however, is that despite this, most SMEs can barely scrape together the cash reserves needed to keep them afloat.

Asking ourselves how we might be able to pivot our business’ focus, how we could broaden our offering or where we can innovate are all valid questions in trying to keep revenue flowing. But taking a step back to gain a broader view of our situation is most certainly a more pragmatic start.

See The Bigger Picture

From this vantage point —forgetting the immediate panic and avoiding the trap of plotting out every hypothetical scenario — one can take a more objective perspective. From here, things can be seen in black and white and
one can more easily, and rationally, assess our assets, our liabilities and the opportunities where we may be able to reduce costs or downscale.

Many businesses do indeed have a variety of assets at their disposal. And while a number of these can potentially be sold to help keep a business afloat, some simply cannot.

But this is where innovative solutions come in.

Leverage The Asset You
Didn't Know You Could

Vehicles may be seen as necessary to the functioning of many business—and you’d be right. They absolutely are. Selling them, in most cases, would spell doom. It’s this very scenario that brought about the idea for what DriveAwaySA is today.

You see, we realised that  through some nimble thinking and smart partnerships, we could help business owners—as well as private individuals—sell their vehicles while still maintaining use of them. This way, when necessary, one can leverage the cash value embedded in their vehicle/s to weather the immediate term without losing out on new  opportunities.

The Smarter Solution

DriveAwaySA isn’t just a vehicle buyer and doesn’t provide loans either—rather, we act as an agent for a network of vehicle buyers. If you or your business own your car outright, we arrange for your car to be sold at a fair market price  and for the purchase price to be paid out immediately. Thereafter, our leasing agreements with this buyer network ensure that you can rent your vehicle from us (at rate similar to, and often times less than, market-related long-terms vehicle rental rates),  keeping you and your business mobile and continuing with business as usual. What’s more, if you do choose to rent your vehicle and plan to buy it back in the future, you can do so at the original price you sold it to us for. More than just an innovative approach to helping to raise cash quickly and keep businesses afloat, DriveAwaySA understands that in this space, trust, security and discretion are incredibly  important. Taking these values seriously have helped us maintain long-term relationships with both businesses and individuals across South Africa. If you’d like to learn more about our offering or have a vehicle you believe you can leverage, find out more here, or simply contact us below.

Choose DriveAwaySA

and Keep On Driving

If you live in or around Cape Town, Durban or Gauteng and need R40,000 or more quickly and reliably, then consider DriveAwaySA’s innovative solution.

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