You Could Pawn Your
Car, But Its Never
Worth The Risk

The Story

Pawn brokers have been around since, well, since the very begining-when humans began placing value on goods and services. But does that make them any
more trustworthy?
Finding a reputable, honest and reliable option is always the first choice when looking for alternative mechanisms  to boost your cashflow.

Luckily DriveAwaySA has the answer. If you’ve exhausted your options, the banks aren’t willing to help and friends and family are a no-go, leverage the value of your car with the innovative finance solutions trusted by thousands of South Africans accross the country.

The Bigger Picture

As times get tougher for South Africans of all walks of life, the need for cash-be that to keep afloot both at home or in business, to launch a new venture, to manage debts or to invest in an opportunity-has became more urgent.

Unfortunately, standard methods for quickly accessing cash have failed most local customers. Mosat of these options are only available to a select few-and even then, they’re more costly or stressful than they’re worth. For many, this leads to pawning one of, if not their most valuable asset: their car.

But urgency and even desperation should never cloud our judgement.

The Problem

Although pawning may seem fast and convenient, the fact of the matter is that most
pawn or ‘paw-it-and-drive-it’ brokers are preying on soft targets-the desperate-
those everyday South Africans that may have bad credit scores, blacklistings,
judgements against them ot that simply don’t know any better.

They’ll offer their clients an amount for below the true value of their vehicle, then
charge massive interest rates that quickly become entirely unaffordable for the
client. Finally, they’ll repossess the vehicle, leaving their clients at utter disaster.

What to Watch Out For

First off, stay calm. That’s easy to say when times are tough, but there are option available. To avoid the inevitable disaster when assessing your options, make sure to follow this checklist:

Focus on the right thing:

The promise of money might be exciting, but check the Ts & Cs. If they’re promising a short-term loan against your and letting you drive it while you pay off the loan…don’t walk, run away.


Does the business have a website, can you find them on Google and social media or do they only list a phone number? Done some detective work. If it feels fishy, it probably is.

Business history:

Has the business been around for more than a year? Can you find mention of them online? These findings will help you distinguish legitimate business from the

User reviews:

Try to find evidence of other people’s experiences with the business. And remember, reviews can be faked! Do as broad a search as possible and check social media comments.


If the business is elusive with the paperwork or the contracts seem dodgy, stop the deal before you’ve taken advantage of.

The Solution

DriveAwaySA is structured so that we can lawfully and responsibly give clients access to the funds that they need by facilitating the sale of their vehicle and providing them with an option to continue driving. This ensures they can get the money that they need and carry on with their lives uninterrupted.

A Better way with DriveAwaySA

We pride ourselves on the trust, security, transparency and discretion that we bring to every deal. If you’re looking for a cashflow boost, we’re only a call, form
or WhatsApp away.